Professional Advising


Professional Advising

Feelings are a critical part of meaning creating….meaning making almost always comes from our feelings and drives the next steps in communication.  Feelings turn to emotions and emotions turn to behavior.  Does your team need to learn to shake up space, shake up ideas and get unstuck?  Strong productive and healthy communications are based on behavior and rapport both internal and external of the organization.

Insecurity, shame, guilt, leads to emptiness and opens us to poor decision making and lack of communication.

Would your team benefit from mastering state of mind self-awareness and management?

  • Awareness:  I feel 
  • Expression:  I say

Complete list of services outline below.


Benefits of Professional Advising:

You have the power over your mind.  Not outside events.  Realize this and you will find your strength. 

Marcus Aurelius

  • Would ou like to build and create Ideal team Value:  Authenticity, creativity, preserve, humor, leadership?
  • Do you need help removing communication barriers? 
  • Benefit from building trusting teams that think outside the box?  
  • Interested in establishing new ways of thinking?
  • Obtain full-service guidance on addressing key needs for growth 
  • Could your team benefit from minimizing barriers of fear, 
  • Do you believe you can become more profitable by empowering people?
    • Project management
    • Goal setting
    • Vision mapping
    • Brainstorming 
    • Team Building 
    • Portfolio Management

In my 20+ years working for some of the top corporate global brands, I have had hands-on experience with portfolio management which includes manufacturing all the way to point of sale placement not limited to product lifecycle, sales, market research, and profitability.  These brands include Coca-Cola, Nestle, Wagner Power Tools, Crocs.  In addition, I have started 3 apparel clothing lines of my own and consulted with small and medium-size privately owned businesses.  These experiences combined with The Nueroscience of Change Coaches Rising, Cognitive Behavior (CBT), Neurol Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness training allows me to provide in-depth business experience and behavior awareness to drive productivity, performance and efficiency.