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Giving Power to Fear

By Design for Change | June 11, 2021

Fear I believe is so often a misunderstood, denied, belittled and untreated form of human suffering. I used to define fear in relation to larger events or things.  I didn’t link fear to the way I live my life on a daily basis.  Then I needed a paradigm shift in my life.  I needed to…

Which side of perception is reality?

By Design for Change | June 11, 2021

So if we have our own ideas on how we think people see us, and various people around us have their own perceptions of ourselves, and then we have our own ideas on who we really are……which part of that is reality? What exactly is reality and how does that define who we are? Do…

1972 and the orange outfit (forgiveness)

By Design for Change | May 17, 2021

In the past I have thought of forgiveness in absolute.  Black and white.  An event or series of events would leave me sad, angry, frustrated, confused and/or a wide array of other emotions that are energetically draining.  Someone has taken my toy or an emotion and I am left hurt.  I gave this other person…