About Me


My name is Shelley Knop, and I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations to achieve the changes they need to enjoy personal and professional growth.

As both an experienced business advisor and mindful practitioner, I’m committed to working with individuals, professionals and teams to help address all of the reasons, excuses, expectations, and self-doubts that inhibit their ability to achieve the lasting results they desire towards growth.

The path towards authenticity is a powerful and exciting one. By acknowledging who you are and what you expect from others, you can begin to eliminate the hurdles of confusion and misunderstanding by replacing them with clear lines of communication.  Increased profitability for all of life.

I want to work with people and teams that want to make changes towards improved growth. Only through identifying wanted change can people and organizations hope to achieve lasting change for positive growth.

If you’re ready to start your journey, I’m here to help in whatever way that I can. Please take a moment to complete the contact form, and I will reach out to you shortly.

Cognitive Behavioral/Certified

Nuero-linguistic Programming/Certified 

The Neuroscience of Change/Coaches Rising/Certified

IDEO U Inisghts for Innovation