Make personal and professional decisions with confidence, strength and momentum

By acknowledging who you are and what you expect from others, you can begin to eliminate the hurdles of confusion and misunderstanding by replacing them with clear lines of communication. Increase profitability of your life, business and those around you.

-Shelley Knop


The path towards authenticity is a powerful and exciting one...

By acknowledging who you are and what you expect from others, you can begin to eliminate the hurdles of confusion and misunderstanding by replacing them with clear lines of communication.


Personal Advising

Cognitive behavior therapy is a problem-specific, goal-orientated approach that requires an individual’s active participation to produce the desired results.


Professional Advising

A multi-faceted approach for professional growth that stems from personal growth. Healthy communication with trust and vulnerability can identify obstacles prior to unforeseen roadblocks. Learn how to remove communication blocks, facilitate team trust and increase profitability.



Making lifestyle and thought process changes we need to become fully cognizant and self aware, we need to understand our own thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Self Awareness

Who we think we are, who we actually are, and how we think the world perceives us is a journey of exploration. Only though self awareness can we identify our own personal story and how we want to write the chapters.


Team Building

How we work with teams - whether it is with our own family, friends or coworkers - is crucial to our own wellbeing and perceived success in our daily journey. The combination of authenticity, creativity, perseverance, humor and leadership is a critical building block for our own wellbeing and perceived success.


Comfortably transitioning from one day to the next can feel like an enormous struggle

It leaves many of us looking for guidance on whether we have chosen the right path. Work, family, school, social responsibilities, our health; they all add together to create a dissonance that leaves us with expectations that often don’t match our realities.

We continue to program our brains with deep seated traits and old habits that reinforce this juxtaposition and impact our lives on a daily basis. Modifying or changing the way we act and feel requires ongoing reflection and awareness of every moment of every day. At Design for Change, my goal is to help those I work with address the perceived and unperceived barriers that stand in the way of their personal and professional growth.  

My name is Shelley Knop, and I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and teams of people to increase the level of positivity in their lives. I utilize a multifaceted approach when working with people that offers a high level of flexibility in helping them confront the wide range of perceived obstacles they face on a daily basis. My experience expands to all sizes of organizations and personal consulting across apparel, durable manufacturing, disposable manufacturing, software industries and more.

We all face hardship, challenge, and struggle in our lives. Whether we own up to and face the obstacles we place before our own happiness or continue to engage in the types of behaviors that reinforce negativity is up to us as individuals. We can all change. The journey is hard and requires commitment, but in the end, we arrive at a beautiful destination that leaves us healthier, happier and whole.

Enjoy this new path that you’re about to embark upon to set yourself free. Blessings to you.

"My experience with Shelley has been really refreshing. First and foremost she was able to help my understand where my growth hurdles are. Our work together has helped my see things that I struggle with completely differently. Literally taking a huge mountain and turning it into small moles hills. She has helped reduce the anxiety and overwhelming thoughts that I can allow to paralyze myself from making any decisions. Like she’s says….sometimes its simply minute by minute of self awareness that can help change our life hour by hour."


"It doesn’t matter if I start a session with Shelley in a complete wreck or if I don’t really even know what to talk about.  She has helped me understand that life can be messy and difficult but from that pain can come an incredible amount of growth.  I have a much better understand how to become more aware of myself and my negative thought patters so I can I can work them into positive directions."

M. Davis

"Shelley has the ability to truly be present and listen.  A trait that I have found hard to find.  She has taught me that the success of any partnership needs to start with trust, vulnerability, humility and strong boundaries.  .  So much easier said than done on the outside world but the tools Ive learned help me grow every single day.  I am less anxious in making decisions at work and I have stopped endless negative self talk (well we are working on that).   I am grateful."


Jeff M.